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"Privet Alfred" A soft kinda voice apeared next to him, standing their Anya was dressed in a beautiful light pink and white dress all for Alfred, she snuck in while he was not looking in a effort to get his attention..and the other soldeirs where to drunk off theor rocker to even notice the beautiful woman enter the room. She only chuckled lacing her fingers with his admiring Alfred in his uniform as she stood next to him. "Sorry I was a little late to your party"

Damn; That was all Alfred could think when he saw Anya there in that cute little dress. Thankfully everyone else was either drinking, or dancing since he would have averted any tempting eyes himself. It was then that he realized that he had been holding his breath for whatever reason. He released it with a laugh, and replied, ”No, no, that’s fine, I was gonna go looking for you if I didn’t find you here.”

Alfred then nodded his head to where all the dancing was, and smiled widely, ”You wanna get in on that?”

Looking around the dance floor she saw it was mostly empty, only a few people where actualy on the dance floor and most of the music was relitivly calm. “Da, come lets have some fun” With a smile she followed Alfred arm in arm to the dance floor, it was honestly odd how manerly Alfred was, but with how long they where apart it was mostly understandable. But their they where on the dance floor softly holding each other only taking a few steps to the calm music with a few eyes on them already, she leaned forward and gently pressed a kiss to the others lips moving to rest her head on Alfred’s warm chest closing her eyes giving a soft sigh listening to his heartbeat, memorizing its patterns and how soft and…calming it was. She only craved more of this closeness..and slowly everything around them stopped existing, it was just her…him..and the soft music as they made the dance floor theirs.

Alfred danced with Anya like they were the only two people in existence. No one else mattered, and nothing else was there. Just him, and his wifey enjoying each other, and dancing the night away. The music added to the ambiance making everything else fade in the background, and Anya the only focus in the American’s eyes. 

Normally he would have showed off a few dance moves to impress Anya, but now, none of that mattered. After so long, Alfred was finally with Anya. This wasn’t the time to show off. This was the time to cherish the closeness he had with his sunflower. 


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Pixiv ID: 45436981
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